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It was with these edifices that the nouveau-riche Americans, regarded haughtily by high-born creoles (locals of European descent), made grand pleas for acceptance.
Bridging the time span and adroitly connecting the plots of the two parts, as it were, are some strange persons and objects used as leitmotivs, the most important being a valuable Venetian mirror stolen from the rich Nehama's townhouse by the unscrupulous and rapacious mayor in 1944, which reappears some twenty years later in the nouveau-riche house of his amoral son Anghelos.
Yet several people, not at all from the nouveau-riche class, told me that they like things better the new way: At least if you have money, you can buy something without hunting for it and without standing in line.
However, while the clientele went from the well-groomed to a few punters with more bling than a nouveau-riche Russian, the atmosphere was somewhat clinical.
Along with nouveau-riche Chelsea, they are one of two Barclaycard Premiership clubs realistically in a position to spend big money on improving their squad.