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The inventor has developed working prototypes of Navel Novelties that have been utilized with success.
On the national brand side, smoothie-shop chain Jamba Juice recently introduced its own unique products to the frozen novelties category with its Jamba frozen novelty bars.
The majority of consumers (73%) believe that ice cream and frozen novelties can fit into a healthy lifestyle and nearly half (47%) agree that low sugar/fat ice cream and frozen treats are as satisfying as regular varieties.
Mars is reporting healthy demand for the latest variety in its line of Dove Bar stick novelties.
The board said American Novelties should have reported the suspicious transactions.
Smith Dairy Marketing Manager Penny Baker said that the company is expanding its offerings in the category to a total of 16 in response to rising consumer demand for novelties.
It also is offering store decorations and point of sale items promoting June/July Ice Cream & Novelties Days.
Ca to make a basic Web site for Party Novelties at a cost of $4,000.
Apparel, accessories, imprinted items, promotional items, novelties
Handicapped dancers like the one-armed, one-legged "Crip" Heard and wooden-legged "Peg Leg" Bates plied their physical, challenges as novelties.
Two out of every four frozen novelties sold contain ice cream or ice milk.
Although they are classified as novelties, they have lasted much longer than typical novelty items have.