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Bigot is on a two-day visit to Tehran to hold talks with Iran's nuclear fusion experts.
This work provides great confidence in the choice of plasma-facing materials made for ITER, said Richard Kamendje, a nuclear fusion physicist at the IAEA.
Iran's nuclear agency announced in July 2010 that it had begun studies to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, centre, visits the site of the Wendelstein 7-X nuclear fusion experiment during an initial hydrogen plasma test
Nuclear fusion does not use combustion to produce steam, so there is no air pollution from [a] nuclear fusion power plant.
The Iter nuclear fusion project is a case in point.
We are delighted to be helping the CEA and the community working on Nuclear Fusion to develop the knowhow and computing resources that will allow them to significantly expand the potential for research associated with the ITER programme," said Pascal Barbolosi, Vice-President, Extreme Computing at Bull.
Archis Joglekar, a doctoral student in nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, said that one of the concerns with nuclear fusion is to squeeze this very spherical fuel pellet perfectly into a very small spherical pellet.
Nuclear fusion reactions take place in the sun and the enormous energy emitted by the reactions can be used for power generation.
Such a failure to invest in nuclear fusion may not be a conspiracy of vested interests, but more a case of the insurmountable hurdles of the technology itself.
From the advances in laser-confinement geeks over at places like the Central Laser Facility (CFL) in the UK or the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in the USA to Tokomaks like the ITER project in France to the new efforts like the joint project between MIT and Columbia University, we seem to be getting ever-closer to the holy grail of commercial nuclear fusion.

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