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Why can we not say the nudgee's preferences ultimately control even where the nudger favors one choice over another?
Nudger finds himself in the middle of the kind of convoluted plot loved by film noir directors; the passing references to Raymond Chandler are very appropriate.
Certainly, as housekeeper she has access to recesses not available to a gardener or a window-cleaner, but that gossip should be gendered in this way meant that it was easy to think stereotypes: is this just Digger and Nudger, now feminised, from Hens' Teeth?
And if we are to believe that nudgers respect the freedom to choose, why flirt with a ban?
Nov Digger and Nudger Try Harder, Lorae Parry, * Carmel McGlone and Jean Betts (Bats, Wellington)
Rather, the explicit hope is that well-designed nudges will be sticky: nudgers try to manipulate citizens just like savvy companies try to, but the nudgers supposedly have the best interests of the electorate at heart rather than increasing bottom-line profits.
But what reason is there to believe that the conception of the good selected by the nudgers is the right one?
But Collingwood, second in the VB Series averages to Nick Knight in Australia, proved again that a niggly nudger can be as damaging as a happy hitter - especially when your side is struggling at 118-5.
Middlesex coach John Emburey says we should not be fooled by Dalrymple's modest pedigree - he was 110th in the first-class batting averages and 108th in the bowling last summer, but there is more to his game than a county nudger and nurdler.
The Mother Nature nudger is to be offered in the UK by American-based XY Concepts.
Taylor's version of events is somewhat different, namely that Ellis was nudged instead of the nudger.
Instead, nudgers simply want to realign how choices are presented to people in the hope that the realignment will encourage "better" decisions.