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Porthos, who had lost the fifty pistoles he had won the night before and thirty more besides, was very cross and questioned D'Artagnan with a nudge of the knee as to whether it would not soon be time to change the game.
D'Artagnan glanced at Athos and Aramis and for the first time replied to Porthos's nudge of the knee by a nudge responsive.
He gave Porthos a second nudge of the knee and Porthos got up as if to stretch his legs and took care at the same time to ascertain that his sword could be drawn smoothly from the scabbard.
In his insistent crawling toward the light, he discovered in her a nose that with a sharp nudge administered rebuke, and later, a paw, that crushed him down and rolled him over and over with swift, calculating stroke.
Felicity--who really was in an unbearable mood that night--laughed disagreeably; but Cecily gave her a fierce nudge, which probably restrained her from speaking.
Unlike Skeet, who was wont to shove her nose under Thornton's hand and nudge and nudge till petted, or Nig, who would stalk up and rest his great head on Thornton's knee, Buck was content to adore at a distance.
As little Georgy came cantering up with his dandified air and his heels down, his grandfather would nudge the lad's aunt and say, "Look, Miss O.
is this: using nudges to make people better off requires knowing
Like Fitbit, the electronic exercise and fitness monitor, such nudges don't do the work, but they can serve as reminders and encouragers.
In their 2008 book Nudge, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein espouse the behavioral economics view that well-designed "nudges" devised by "choice architects" can steer individuals toward wiser decisions that enhance their welfare.
Other nudges include inviting users to follow breaking stories and The Daily Beast authors on Twitter ("Josh Rogin is pretty awesome with a 140 character limit, too.
Summary: Oil cartel slightly nudges up its world oil demand growth forecasts, citing positive developments in Europe and North America.