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NUDE. Naked. Figuratively, this word is applied to various subjects. 2. A nude contract, nudum pactum, q.v.) is one without a consideration; nu de matter, is a bare allegation of a thing done, without any evidence of it.

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Organisers said that the serious side of the event is the promotion of nudism as a healthy lifestyle.
Nudism gained adherents from across the political spectrum who shaped its tenets to fit their own ideological frame.
The AIM of the revelations is to invite Man to that Right Way which he has lost because of his perverted philosophy of nudism, alcoholism and fornicationAathe guiding principles of modern life.
Stumbling upon nudism in the south of France, or in any other number of European flesh pots, is either an occupational hazard or an unexpected delight, depending on your outlook.
As Batchelor rightly notes of Montherlant, it was not to the "the nudism, eroticism, and general immorality propagated by the cinema and press that the sensualism of sport and the cult of the body should lead, but to the cultivation of a healthy mind in a healthy body" (xiv).
We have no plans to impose a ban on nudism, but we will react to any complaints and follow police advice on how to deal with them.
This is a usual thing abroad, in the whole world nudism is promoted and there are places to gather.
Carpenter was involved in many causes: socialism, women's emancipation, vegetarianism, animal rights, nudism, sunbathing, Eastern mysticism, the simple life, and sexual freedom.
In contrast, several paragraphs in the conclusion are devoted to straw-horse targets, such as Wilhelm Fraenger's 1947 proposition that the Garden of Earthly Delights was produced for a sect of Adamites or freethinkers who supposedly favored nudism.
Turning to nature in Germany; hiking, nudism, and conservation, 1900-1940.
I WAS asked the other day to name my favourite track anywhere in the world and I was tempted to say Buckfastleigh, because it was the first I had been to: in l934, at the age of ten, taken by the man who taught pottery at my 'progressive' school in Devon, where lessons were optional, nudism rife and I drank cider and got pissed a lot.