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Of no legal validity, force, or effect; nothing. As used in the phrase null and void, refers to something that binds no one or is incapable of giving rise to any rights or duties under any circumstances.


(Insignificant), adjective beneath notice, disregarded, empty, expendable, immaterial, impuissant, inappreciable, inconsequential, inconsiderable, inferior, insubstantial, insufficient, irrelevant, meaningless, minor, negligible, nominal, nugatory, of no account, of no effect, of no moment, of no value, paltry, petty, pointless, powerless, puny, secondary, small, superficial, tenuous, token, trifling, trivial, unavailing, unessential, unimportant, uninfluential, unmeaningful, unnecessary, unsubstantial, useless, valueless, without conseeuence, without meaning, without significance, without substance, worthless


(Invalid), adjective abrogated, annulled, canceled, dead, defeated, defunct, deleted, disannulled, disestablished, effectless, extinct, extinguished, forceless, gone, impotent, ineffective, ineffectual, inoperative, inritus, negated, no longer law, not valid, nugatory, nullified, obliterated, of no binding force, of no effect, of no validity, of no weight, omitted, overruled, quashed, repealed, rescinded, reversed, revoked, set aside, strengthless, superseded, suspended, unauthorized, unsanctioned, useless, vacated, valueless, void, withdrawn, without authority, without legal effect, without legal force, without potency, without value, worthless
See also: dead, inactive, ineffective, ineffectual, invalid, lifeless, nugatory, vacuous, void

NULL. Properly, that which does not exist; that which is not in the nature of things. In a figurative sense it signifies that which has no more effect than if it did not exist. 8 Toull. n. 320.

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Null recommends that, in addition to the dietary and supplement changes, individuals exercise actively.
A sample of the apparent TPOX null allele carriers who were identified in the way described above were re-profiled using the COfiler or Identifiler kits, which use different primers to those employed in the Powerplex 16 kit.
When you run the queries in the macro, zeros will be entered into the fields instead of nulls.
Curry questions this position, and points out that the discussion on the null hypothesis serves to highlight fuzziness surrounding the many hypotheses related to dangerous climate change.
If [phi] is a null curve, then the Frenet formulae has the form
Finally, Chinese has an as yet unexplained expletive null subject, as in Example (2): (3)
You may also have a case for a null value if you are working in a database and none of its values has a record.
Specifying a column as not permitting null values can help maintain data integrity by ensuring that a column in a row always contains data.
Besides tagging perfumes, premium spirits and similar high-value products, Flying Null is also targeting the pharmaceutical industry as a prime user of anti-counterfeiting security products, especially for blister packs.
Discontent has focused particularly oil the practice known as null hypothesis testing, or significance testing.