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Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti, whose election was nullified following a petition by his rival Joseph Magwanga, has also filed a notice of appeal, citing dissatisfaction with the decision.
Two days later after Bowen's nullification the Eldoret High court nullified Alfred Keter election as Nandi Hills MP
Teodoro nullified the agreement upon the suggestion of his defense undersecretary for finance and armed forces advancement on the ground that the company presented illegal documents upon examining.
De Lima was referring to the two separate rulings of the Court of Appeals in 2013 that nullified the body created to investigate the involvement of the Reyes brothers in the death of Ortega and reinstating the ruling of the first panel finding no probable cause to charge them with murder.
There is no intention to suspend trading for Telecom Egypt shares on the Egyptian Exchange in light of a report issued by the Commissioners Body suggesting that a tender for 20% of company shares on the Exchange that took place in 2005 be nullified," said Mohammad Omran, Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange.
The State has nullified the legal ownership of the Armory and seized it from the veteran trustees," Chiappone said.
Sacramento, CA -- The California Supreme Court has nullified all "marriages" allowed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson between February 21 and March 11 this year.
Dangerfield, "The NOTOM Hypothesis for Idiopathic Scoliosis: Is it Nullified by the Delayed Puberty of Female Rhythmic Gymnasts and Ballet Dancers with Scoliosis.
But if there was smoking in the home, those advantages were almost completely nullified.
But on October 12, 2001, memo from current Attorney General John Ashcroft nullified any gains Freedom of Information advocates made from the Reno memo," Hotline said.
2523; however, when the power of appointment is terminated and the agreement is nullified, M's income interest will qualify for Sec.