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There is no intention to suspend trading for Telecom Egypt shares on the Egyptian Exchange in light of a report issued by the Commissioners Body suggesting that a tender for 20% of company shares on the Exchange that took place in 2005 be nullified," said Mohammad Omran, Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange.
filed a lawsuit at the San Juan Superior Court and a Writ for Certification in the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, alleging that the government illegally nullified its agreement to refund the bank nearly $230 million in tax overpayments, reports News Is My Business (June 6, 2014).
In the judgment, the court nullified all the decisions made by the management committee of the Board terming them as breach of powers.
The statement from the Ministry of Public Security on Sunday said the IDs have been nullified and those involved in the forgeries punished.
In addition to retracting the Michigan Fair and Open Competition in Governmental Construction Act, Associated Builders & Contractors reports, the Union Boss Ballot proposal also would have made prevailing wage elimination impossible, nullified Michigan's Paycheck Protection law; eliminated requirements that government retirees contribute to their health care and pensions; repeated Michigan's paycheck protection taw; eliminated seven sections of the state constitution unions dislike; and, eliminated at feast 170 state laws.
Summary: MAKKAH: The administrative court in Makkah on Monday nullified a lawsuit by the Saudi Company for Industrial Development (SADAQ) against its former chairman Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki and former managing director Mazin Batraji.
But this idea was just nullified, nullified not because of economic.
31 (ANI): In a bizzre incident, a village council in Rohtak city of Haryana has nullified the marriage of a couple, who belonged to the same clan and declared the husband and wife to be brother and sister.
The paper claimed that they obtained draft of a document with 13 articles which had been prepared by ElBaradei in September according to which sanctions against Iran would be nullified by the end of November, when ElBaradei tenure would be finished.
Summary: Iran's reformist presidential candidate has rejected a partial recount of the recent election and stated the disputed results should be nullified.
The Hunters' running back's reaction displayed disgust for a block-in- the-back penalty that nullified his 91-yard dash for what appeared to be the tying touchdown.
Texas (2003), which nullified that state's anti-sodomy law, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia argued that the Texas legislature's "hand should not be stayed through the invention of a brandnew 'constitutional right' by a Court that is impatient of democratic change.