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Thus Calhoun's claim, endorsed by his biographer Wiltse (1949, 343-61), that it was the Nullifier who prompted Van Buren into pushing the Independent Treasury is ludicrous.
After populist president Andrew Jackson repudiated the South Carolina antitariff nullifiers in the name of national union, explains Randall G.
Calhoun and his fellow South Carolina nullifiers did not prevail when faced with (1) Andrew Jackson's threat to use federal troops to collect tariffs accruing in South Carolina, and (2) a promised relaxation of the tariff.
When the Twenty-Third Congress met in December 1833, the Democrats had a comfortable majority of 147 members in the House as opposed to 113 members representing the National Republicans, the Anti-Masons, the Nullifiers, and the States Rights parties (all of which would soon loosely combine to makeup the Whig Party).
Here his main targets are the defenders of states' rights--a motley collection, for him, of nullifiers, seceders, and insurrectionists.
MIT's APA technology is designed to focus microwave heat at large tissue masses deep within the human torso while utilizing nullifiers to prevent any heating or damage of surrounding healthy tissue and skin.