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The government approved legislation protecting state contracts against appeals in order to protect government contracting and investors' rights against third party cases, meaning that the recommendation to nullify the sale, if it becomes a reality, would clash with the law.
We can expect people to try to nullify our seamers and be pretty much happy with a draw.
I will adapt my team first and foremost to nullify Southampton's strengths.
When we play teams like South Africa, you try to nullify their big ballcarriers, and we need to do that on Saturday.
He's unpredictable and awkward so we have a couple of plans to try and nullify that but overall I think we're just bigger, faster and stronger than he is and we can do everything that he does better.
It says that upon the agreement Iran can continue its nuclear program activity on condition that it is under supervision of the IAEA and as a part of international bank of nuclear fuel, and if Tehran remains committed to the agreement, the signatories will present a positive report to the United Nations to nullify sanctions against Iran.
Auto Business News-30 April 2008-A123Systems battery packs likely to nullify Toyota warranties(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
Lawmakers reject effort to nullify FAA controller contract.
As if to add insult to injury, Villaraigosa applauded the council's decision, which extends the dumping on the bogus premise that the council can technically nullify the deal at any point over the next two weeks.
1884), Field worked to enhance judicial power, nullify popular legislation, and expand individual liberty under the 14th Amendment.
Taiwan's High Court rejected Thursday a complaint brought by opposition parties seeking to nullify the reelection of President Chen Shui-bian, who survived an election-eve shooting and won by a razor-thin margin.
In the short run, the bill would nullify a decision of the 11th U.