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Now try to talk him about Sajid and he numbly asks, " Who?
His narrators bathe in an environment of circumambient political apocalypticism, moving numbly in front of soundless images emanating from CNN, footage of unidentified revolutionaries, Tamils or Chechens carrying submachine guns.
W]ithout the courage to lead," Kirn concludes, "it numbly follows, picking up the major media's scraps and gluing them back together with a cross on top.
Whatever the case, the narrator numbly accepts his place as a man-child somehow married with two daughters, his family and native country as strange to him as the unidentified Middle Eastern country where he now lives.
fourteen-year-old girl runaway, numbly going through the motions of
Immediately after the shooting spree, all classes were suspended, and I functioned numbly in a "do" mode.
Earlier that day he had laid waste to, ravaged, and scattered his early morning resolve, shifting it to the back of his mind, and numbly watched Black Beauty instead, his only comfort at times like these.
It's as if fear of expressive feeling has led to a zombification of American poetry: across college campuses and urban squares, our younger poets lurch numbly forward:</p> <pre>
Fligg, who's been on the verge of falling asleep since the clock struck midnight and has to be at work the next morning, nods numbly in agreement.