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Quite the contrary," said the bachelor; "for, as stultorum infinitum est numerus, innumerable are those who have relished the said history; but some have brought a charge against the author's memory, inasmuch as he forgot to say who the thief was who stole Sancho's Dapple; for it is not stated there, but only to be inferred from what is set down, that he was stolen, and a little farther on we see Sancho mounted on the same ass, without any reappearance of it.
This list is not a numerus clausis; it is open-ended in that a complaint of unfair discrimination can be brought to court if it is similar to any of the prohibited grounds.
Standardization in the Law of Property: The Numerus Clausus Principle,
231) This commitment to a closed set of property forms, or the principle of numerus clausus, not only helps distinguish property regimes from private contractual ordering, it is one of property's principle advantages.
During the first half of the 20th century, the principle of numerus clausus--in essence, quotas--governed admission policies at the nation's universities.
As for the media, numerus front pages were published full of emotional quotes from parents waiting to hug their kids again.
We can also find examples of optional numerus marking: in the Baygo language there are special forms without reference to the entities number (see Corbett 2000 : 2).
A numerus daunts Jewish quota was established, soon followed by a "bench ghetto" for Jewish students, and had the war not intervened, a numerus nul-h&c principle would have been enforced.
It was a temper that was by no means discouraged by the government inasmuch as--though a numerus clausus was not imposed by law (as it was in Hungary), de facto restrictions were placed on Jewish students as another war approached.
Barnett described the restrictions that were placed on Jews in Hungary beginning as early as 1920 called the Numerus Clausus.
Elle est autrement discutable : aucun numerus clausus des contrats translatifs de propriete n'existe, le numerus clausus des droits reels ne s'oppose pas a une utilisation nouvelle du droit de propriete, aucune alienabilite perpetuelle n'advient, aucune dissociation de la propriete n'en resulte non plus (26).
The altos employed their rich tone in Te Prophetarum Laudabilis Numerus and it was clear, without ruining the blend, that the section contains some fine solo singers.