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Petschenig, CSEL 62 (Vienna, 1919), 134: "quasi interesset ipsis Christi et ecclesiae nuptialis copulae sacramentis, ita tripudiat et gaudet.
Ausonius's Cento Nuptialis "rips" from the Aeneid to narrate a wedding story that moves from pageantry to pornography, artfully rearranging Virgilian depictions of the bloody battlefield and the fluidity of the epic landscape to describe how the blushing bride is terrorized by her brutal deflowering.
Gabrielis Paverii Fontanae ad Antonium Guidobonum ducalem apud Venetos oratorem nuptialis celebratio.
The story was central to Marcantonio Altieri's discussion of marriage rituals in Rome, Li nuptiali (ca.