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Clause 5 of the Healthscope --NSWNMA/ANMF--NSW Nurses and Midwives' Enterprise Agreement 2015-2019 contains the pathway to becoming a Clinical Nurse Specialist (Grades 1-2).
She said: "We are firm believers in the potential of nursing and in the value of the clinical nurse specialist role within the multi-disciplinary care team in improving patient outcomes.
A study for Breast Cancer Care found that just a fifth of NHS organisations have one or more clinical nurse specialists dedicated to women whose cancer has come back and spread.
The Clinical Nurse Specialist in Mental Health evolved to Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner as the demand for more providers in Psychiatric-Mental Health field occurred.
Along with UCQ Master of Nursing graduate Samar Ali Abdul Kader and advanced clinical nurse specialist Andrea Benn, the three clinical nurse specialists in oncology work tirelessly to improve the care of patients undergoing bowel surgery.
Report by Burwood Spinal Unit clinical nurse specialist Lynn Stephen
ere are currently only six mesothelioma clinical nurse specialists in the country.
The group were models in a fashion show, which was arranged on behalf of nurse specialists from South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.
Respiratory specialist nurse Petula Garner, who was crowned RCN in Wales Nurse of the Year and Clinical Nurse Specialist award winner for 2013, was the first Respiratory Specialist Nurse in Powys.
Pamela Shaw, health visitor and practice educator, and Tracy Conroy, tissue viability nurse specialist, have been awarded the title of Queen's Nurse (QN) by community nursing charity, the Queen's Nursing Institute.
Annette Wye, vascular nurse specialist, said: "If people experience a pain in their heart or chest they would immediately go and see their GP but would probably not do the same for calf pain and may just put it down as old age.
If you are a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist who would like to work with ISNAP, please contact the ISNAP office at 1-800-6386623 and dial extension 107 for Robin Riebsomer, Intake Coordinator or extension 101 for Chuck Lindquist, Program Director.