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Along with UCQ Master of Nursing graduate Samar Ali Abdul Kader and advanced clinical nurse specialist Andrea Benn, the three clinical nurse specialists in oncology work tirelessly to improve the care of patients undergoing bowel surgery.
Report by Burwood Spinal Unit clinical nurse specialist Lynn Stephen
ere are currently only six mesothelioma clinical nurse specialists in the country.
The group were models in a fashion show, which was arranged on behalf of nurse specialists from South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.
For example, a winter crisis management plan led by the respiratory nurse specialists in South/North Powys for patients with the conditions of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Bronchiectasis was developed and implemented.
In 1990 she became clinical nurse specialist for urology and continence, setting up the first continence service at Morriston Hospital.
She later advanced to staff nurse in Dermatology before becoming a tissue viability nurse specialist.
Vascular nurse specialists will be available to answer questions all week in the hospital's main reception area and tweets will be sent from @ nhsuhcw.
ISNAP has therefore started utilizing nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists who have a background in chemical dependency treatment.
Worryingly, in some areas, patients never see a lung cancer nurse specialist.
In January 2011, the Affiliate petitioned the Maryland State Board of Nursing (MBON) to assist in the development of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) regulations to recognize the Maryland CNS for APRN licensure.
In England, there is only one lung cancer nurse specialist for every 161 patients and in Scotland the figure is 200, according to the report by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses.