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MIDWIFE, med. jur. A woman who practices midwifery; a woman who pursues the business of an account.
     2. A midwife is required to perform the business she undertakes with proper skill, and if she be guilty of any mala praxis, (q.v.) she is liable to an action or an indictment for the misdemeanor. Vide Vin. Ab. Physician; Com. Dig. Physician; 8 East, R. 348; 2 Wils. R. 359; 4 C. & P. 398; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 440; 4 C. & P. 407, n. a; 1 Chit. Pr. 43; 2 Russ. Cr. 288.

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Four out of nine women with face presentation arrived during advanced labour; the nurse-midwife judged that the delivery might occur too quickly for referral to be carried out and hence chose to manage them locally.
The American College of Nurse-Midwives' statistics show the average nurse-midwife seeing 140 clients a month and attending 10 births during the same time frame.
To become certified, a nurse-midwife must meet standards established by the ACNM: A person must be a registered nurse, graduate from an educational program accredited by the ACNM, and pass the College's National Certification Examination.
Patients under the care of a certified nurse-midwife undergo the same lab tests and ultrasounds as those who have chosen an obstetrician as their provider-and they also deliver at EvergreenHealth's Family Maternity Center.
In Kusuma's case, when I expressed concern about her death in a primary health centre review meeting, the auxiliary nurse-midwife got blamed for not filling in her antenatal register properly, even though this was not why Kusuma died.
EMTALA's requirement for physician certification "places unnecessary costs on the hospital, which is required to take physicians away from other matters to certify that the woman is in false labor, when a certified nurse-midwife or certified midwife is also licensed to make that decision," Ms.
She herself is a nurse-midwife, and she had identified "a lovely practice" at Georgetown University Hospital that, with just four nurse-midwives and a focus on personalized care, resembled "the way I had practiced.
Evelyn Mutio, a nurse-midwife and honorary national secretary of the National Nurses Association of Kenya, says the initiative has her group's backing.
The average nurse-midwife sees 140 clients a month and attends 10 births a month.
Ellison, a certified nurse-midwife, delivered Dylan Baltau 10 days ago, there was a real crowd in the delivery room.
This is the largest number of new CNMs and CMs since 2002, and reflects the continuing upward trend in the number of applicants for the certified nurse-midwife and certified midwife designation," says Barbara Graves, CNM, MN, MPH, FACNM, the AMCB Board President.
At the Phebe School of Nursing, after three years of training and one or two years of experience, it is possible to take the option for an additional one year to become a nurse-midwife (this applies to all nurses, not only graduates from Phebe).