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A nurseryman in the place allowed us to install ourselves in an empty pottingshed in his establishment.
If we can cut in half the amount of chemicals that we're using today," notes nurseryman Frank Collier of Rock Island, Tennessee, "the $3 or 4 million [cost of the station] will be well worth the money spent just for that alone.
Karen Daw, centre, from Guinea Gardens with Freddie Gick, left, and Sue Griffith, both from Birmingham Trees for Life and volunteers in the orchard JP210308Tree-03; Nurseryman Peter Dunn giving guidance to volunteers JP210308Tree-06; Allotment holder Bob Carr digs a hole for his apple tree provided by Birmingham Trees for Life P210308Tree-02; Sue Griffith from Birmingham Trees for Life checking the roots JP210308Tree-08; Ali Hussain heading back to his plot with an apple tree JP210308Tree-01; Karen Daw, left, from Guinea Gardens Allotments handing out fruit trees JP210308Tree-07; Bob Carr driving in the support post JP210308Tree-13; Jim Dunlop plants his fruit tree JP210308Tree-12; Planting a tree JP210308Tree-05
Centre stage will be a display designed by Mick McGrath, a nurseryman with Kirklees Council.
You've got early bud in the trees and plants; they're growing lots of greenery,'' said nurseryman Richard Blaisdell at Sperling Nursery in Calabasas.
Calling Alvarez "a nurseryman, a planter, and a great organizer of people," Brower says that "by the end of 2003, we will have planted a million trees.
Now a Shropshire nurseryman has confirmed that it is the best method.
At the age of 61 and as a former Worcester resident and displaced nurseryman without even the basic or material effects with which to further such a life, I shall no longer support Labour.
Nurseryman Bruno Essner of Pepiniers du Valois, which holds the European agency, believes it could expand to take a sizeable share of future sales.
A colleague said: "He was a superb nurseryman and some of his displays were breathtaking.
nurseryman, has resigned his North Carolina Farm Service Agency committee seat to consider a run for state commissioner of agriculture.
If you have complicated questions, weekday mornings not busy weekends-are the best times to corner a nurseryman.