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Contractor address : Mead House, Station Road, Nursling
The first four Polish paramedics are taking a six-week familiarisation course at Nursling Ambulance Station in Southampton.
The latter, on the other hand, can be immediately recognized owing to their "grave and modest countenances, a general air of native propriety and decency; by this last circumstance alone I could at a glance distinguish the daughter of Albion and nursling of Protestantism from the foster-child of Rome, the protegee of Jesuistry" (The Professor, 98-99).
The discovery was made in a wooded area close to a motorway in Nursling near Southampton.
scholar and scientist to feckless nursling upon a dirty mattress of dry
Lenard was born and raised in Nursling, England, daughter of the late Bertram and Alice (Luffman) Stokes.
The image in the mirror is understood as uncannily prefiguring the disintegration and nursling dependence of advanced age.
The Colosseum and triumphal arches were in sight; an effigy of the Roman wolf with her royal nursling was erected on high; the guests, with shouts and music, congratulated themselves on the possession, in Pius IX, of a new and nobler founder for another state.
Many thanks for your help Janet Golding Lane House, Redbridge Lane, Nursling Southampton, SO16 0XN
Kim Liegerfelt receives the Nephrology Nursling Journal Writing Award for Education.
Lucas, a forester and environmentalist, never misses a chance to read Shelley's "The (Cloud": "I am the daughter of Earth and Water, / And the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores, of the ocean and shores; / I change, but I cannot die .
There is, even in 1949, no contradiction for Lacan in arguing that the child's 'jubilant assumption of his specular image by the kind of being--still trapped in his motor impotence and nursling dependence--the little man is at the infans stage thus seems to me to manifest in an exemplary situation the symbolic matrix in which the I is precipitated in a primordial form'.