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The latter, on the other hand, can be immediately recognized owing to their "grave and modest countenances, a general air of native propriety and decency; by this last circumstance alone I could at a glance distinguish the daughter of Albion and nursling of Protestantism from the foster-child of Rome, the protegee of Jesuistry" (The Professor, 98-99).
18) Rural Italian doctors, reporting on cases of local women contracting syphilis from foundling nurslings, regularly claimed that aside from such a mode of transmission the incidence of syphilis in the countryside was rare, a sentiment found in France as well.
Of these 686 were reported to have developed syphilis and, most strikingly, 171 wetnurses were reported to have been infected with syphilis by their foundling nurslings.
Again, how many of these women had in fact contracted syphilis from their foundling nurslings is not known.
In 1505, Cataneus argued that a syphilitic wetnurse could pass the disease to her nursling through her milk and advised against allowing such a woman to nurse one's child.
He adds that while the findings suggest that nurslings like certain flavors and dislike others, the research doesn't rule out the possibility that certain ingredients in garlic or alcohol may increase or decrease a mother's milk production.
Herlihy, Pistoia, 86 infers a possibility of customary marital birth control from a 1424 smallish post-plague bumper crop of Pistoian babies more likely due to "younger marriages" (and, I would add, to half of Pistoian nurslings dying in the plague, so that their mothers resumed ovulation that much earlier).