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The quiz has been inspired by Oak Apple Day, May 29 to mark the restoration of King Charles II to the throne in 1660.
Pubs the length and breadth of the land were re-named The Royal Oak, King Charles' birthday was celebrated as Oak Apple Day and pictures of the famous tree were hawked around by the pamphleteers.
This new series starts as Barnaby and Jones investigate the circumstances that surround the death of a mother pulled from the river during the local Oak Apple carnival.
Especially if you are me because whatever I light, be it winter pine, jasmine, honeysuckle or oak apple, my husband says it smells of bathroom air freshener and makes an awful fuss rushing round opening windows.
I haven't had many good two-year-olds down the years, but this is the best I've trained,'' said Nicholls, as his son Adrian brought Strike Up The Band back to a noisy welcome from his owners, the Oak Apple Syndicate.
We remembered our own fascination and wonder at the things we found around us -yellow catkins, a leaf with an oak apple attached to it, things about which we loved learning.