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He was bitter over the fact that government was bent on confrontation, due to its obduracy, and PML-N could ill-afford to be quiet over the issue.
Talking to a senior journalist President Mamnoon regretted obduracy on Taliban part which hampered government's sincere efforts for dialogue offers, and while "we are forced to do the operation for protecting people's lives and property, besides our own standing".
He said that Indian obduracy over Kashmir issue would cost it dearly and the movement for Independence of Kashmir, which had been successfully transfused into the new generation, would definitely see light of day.
He said that priceless sacrifices rendered by Pakistan army were not a hidden or debatable factor, and regretted the obduracy of JI's Ameer regarding his irrational and illogical outburst.
Maulana Sahib also berated UN for acting as a silent, indifferent spectator in the entire bloody scenario in the Kashmir conflict, while he also chided India for its illogical and imprudent obduracy, demanding it to cease its violent abuse of human rights and deliver right of self-determination to Kashmir.
If Israeli aggressiveness in the early 1950s could be seen as no more violent than the colonial wars of the time, there was no reason for the obduracy that followed its stunning success in the Six-Day War of 1967; all the opportunities for peace then were lost, largely due to Golda Meir.
He said that Hurriyet had submitted suggestions to Delhi but there was no response, however, India continued with the policy of obduracy and remained callous towards those proposals indicating its non-seriousness in solving the dispute.
Therefore, PML-Q Tariq Azeem said that today our country is at the threshold of threat or destruction due to the obduracy of the ANP.
This, we may say, is the reason behind the continued obduracy of the French authorities.
Whereas, Raja Riaz said that the doctors were just demanding for increment of their pay scale, which was a normal matter, but due to the obduracy behaviour the matter was being prolonged, he claimed.
If US did not give up its obduracy, it could affect relations between Pakistan and US, he cautioned.
Behind them, Darren Purse and Holdsworth presented a barrier of obduracy and impenetrability, while Lazaradis was always a potential trump card.