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OBEDIENCE. The performance of a command.
     2. Officers who obey the command of their superiors, having jurisdiction of the subject-matter, are not responsible for their acts. A sheriff may therefore justify a trespass under an execution, when the court has jurisdiction, although irregularly issued. 3 Chit. Pr. 75; Ham. N. P. 48.
     3. A child, an apprentice, a pupil, a mariner, and a soldier, owe respectively obedience to the lawful commands of the parent, the master, the teacher, the captain of the ship, and the military officer having command; and in case of disobedience, submission may be enforced by correction. (q.v.)

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In this article, we have defended the idea that morality defines the distinction between obedience and indifference.
Heaven is hoping we will respond with the obedience of faith.
Millard devised an experimental scenario based on her innovative Immersive Digital Realism (IDR) technique, then used the results to further the scientific study of obedience (9) as well as create a work of art that could impact the world beyond social psychology.
Rally obedience (often called Rally-O) competitions are similar to regular obedience, but instead of waiting for a judge to tell the competing team what to do, the handler directs her dog around a "course" that consists of 10 to 20 signs, each describing a specific behavior.
While the author sought to tie these chapters together into a single study, in the end it is more of a collection of four essays held together by the themes of obedience and conscience than it is a traditional monograph.
After two years of training, Babs entered Jazz in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme's pre-beginner obedience stakes.
Obedience plant is a hardy, native perennial eager to spread via running roots.
If we observe carefully, we see that this prayer of Jesus is intimately linked with obedience to a mission.
It is a form of vicious cruelty for a priest to place the laity in the dilemma of having to choose between obedience to a priest and obedience to the liturgical norms of the Church as the manifest will of God simply to indulge personal liturgical fantasies.
They spend about one hour doing obedience training on each of their days off.
Traditionally, obedience is the behavior produced by the commands of authority (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2011).
Established in 1950 and formerly known as the Alsatian Club of Wales, the club is currently the only breeding and obedience training centre for dogs of all breeds and ages in South Wales.