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I profess, madam," answered the clergyman, with a grave obeisance, such as the lady's rank demanded, and his own good breeding made imperative -- " I profess, on my conscience and character, that I am utterly bewildered as touching the purport of your words
The old man made a deep obeisance, and murmured the words, "/Koom Koom/," which I afterwards discovered was their royal salute, corresponding to the /Bayete/ of the Zulus, and turning, addressed his followers.
Prior Aymer, therefore, and his character, were well known to our Saxon serfs, who made their rude obeisance, and received his ``benedicite, mes filz," in return.
Pir Sialvi had last week called off the agitation against Sanaullah following a visit by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif during which the latter paid the caretaker of the Sial Sharif shrine traditional obeisance by bowing his head and touching his knees.
The numbers spilled over the limit as many devotees wished to ring in the new year by paying their obeisance at the Vaishno Devi shrine.
Mrs May, the Prime Minister of a country that pays in far more than it gets back, flies to Brussels in the dead of night to make obeisance to a financially incontinent, unelected, crypto-fascist entity.
Sikh started paying obeisance and offered their religious rituals including Akhand Path, Ashnan, Matha Teak, recitation of their holy book Gurnath Sahib and especially yatra of the punja imbursement on a stone from where fresh water flows out.
He said that the Mirwaiz was scheduled to address a Friday gathering at Charar-e-Sharief and pay obeisance at the revered shrine of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA) but the authorities placed him under house detention in the wee hours.
The number of pilgrims paying obeisance at the 3,880-metre high cave shrine of Amarnath in South Kashmir Himalayas has crossed the 100,000 mark as over 115,000 devotees had paied obeisance at the shrine.
Such obeisance to the President by the Court is an abject abdication of a solemn duty imposed by the Constitution.
Accompanied by his wife Maithree Wickremesinghe, he paid obeisance to the Lord at the hill shrine in the morning.
As international and campus politics alike show us how cultish obeisance to the protocols of ideological purity threatens to reemerge as an intellectual yardstick, particularly around concepts of Jewish identity and homeland, Dalia Kandiyoti and Dean Franco have gathered in this special issue essays that, collectively, work to show how purity operates as an impossible, and dangerous, standard.