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Edward Carpenter, the Dean of Westminster Abbey, also believes that it's not necessary for the bride to promise to obey her husband.
The professional politicians are failing to convince us that the EU's over-centralised euroland policy needs us, as a nation dependent on our freedom to trade, to have open borders, to subsidise to foreigners, and to obey directives written by competitors.
It is astonishing to note that a company like Nestle, claiming to be an ethical company publically saying that we will not obey court order.
Since, by all accounts, Abraham was one of the prophets, (6) it seems reasonable that Isaac was required to obey the law of the prophet (his father Abraham).
If you want the protection and freedoms our country provides you should obey its laws.
To drive home his point, Al-Asheikh reminded the audience that the Holy Qur'an urges citizens to obey rulers who are in charge of the state.
Are the parties involved obligated to obey the truce?
The officers would also swear to obey military orders and orders from their leaders; they would swear to protect their weapons and never abandon them until they die.
Constables are an extension of law enforcement and should obey the laws set forth by the state.
We were at a crisis point where the parks were about $750 million short every year of what they needed," Obey says.
It's important people keep obeying turtle nesting regulations and obey laws that prohibit going near sea turtle nests," Carli Segelson, Florida Wildlife Commission spokesperson, told the Palm Beach Post.