obey orders

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General, I must obey orders, but I am not bound to endure.
He is fat and so clumsy and so furiously angry, but he's too scared of Trent to do anything but obey orders, and there he works hour after hour, groaning, and the perspiration rolls off him as though he were in a Turkish bath.
He could obey orders, and he was neither curious nor garrulous.
He inwardly declared that he intended to obey orders.
You must not think any harm of him because, after all, a soldier must obey orders.
Kister added: "It was like using boxing gloves to crush a mosquito but we had to obey orders.
NNA - Interior Security Forces members at a movable checkpoint in Al-Mina region in Tripoli opened fire at a gray Mercedes when its driver did not obey orders to stop, killing one person and injuring another of the four passengers who were riding the car, National News Agency correspondent in Tripoli reported on Saturday.
Swabi -- District Education Officer of Swabi refused to obey orders of Speaker KPK assembly Asad Qaisar and DCO.
He was refused exemption and, when he refused to obey orders in the army, was given physical punishments, court-martialled and imprisoned.
He said that asking police not to obey orders of the government was an act of rebellion.
However, I should note that the problem is not about the failure of the members of the Hizmet movement to obey orders from their superiors in the public service but about the claim that the prosecutors and police chiefs who conducted the graft and bribery investigation are members of the Hizmet movement -- a claim which has yet to be proven.
He urged China not to implement its threat to take action against aircraft that do not identify themselves or obey orders from Beijing, the report added.