obey regulations

See: conform
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Last month, the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority has urged brokerages extending margin trading services to obey regulations and sell clients' shares if shortages in their accounts were not filled on time.
More than 2,000 sensors measure noise, light, temperature, and the carbon in the air, helping the city obey regulations on noise and air quality.
Recently, the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority urged brokerages extending margin trading services to obey regulations.
NileSat also warned 20 other channels to obey regulations.
They harassed vagrants, pressured prostitutes to obey regulations, dealt as best they could with the problems created by urban poverty, and tried to enforce municipal regulations about sanitation.
We obey regulations that keep our trucks maintained properly, as well as pay license fees for using our highways.
Long term we're looking at ways to use variable speed limits, but for now we have to obey regulations," he said.
The government in June 2003 took control of two of the Uzans' power utilities on the grounds that they had failed to obey regulations.
After that, the council would be able to obey regulations.
are forced to obey regulations and procedures that limit their ability to do this" (p.
However, the Commissioner for Aviation Regulation Cathal Guiomard said airlines must obey regulations and cover their customers' expenses - or they will take them to court.