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Since the armed forces are commanded by the Supreme Leader, they are thus obeying the orders of the awaited Mahdi," Saeedi said, adding "the Revolutionary Guards and the armed forces in Iran hold religious authority to prepare for the appearance of the Mahdi.
No doubt they will claim that they were just obeying orders.
But even though this attention-getting reminder ends today, drivers should continue obeying, Schulz said, because ticket-writing cops aren't going anywhere.
Yet that doesn't keep the overwhelming majority of team owners, players, sportscasters, and fans from accepting, obeying, and seeking to enforce these godless rules--literally and absolutely--with a tenacity and precision that would put a religious fundamentalist or a theocratic dictator to shame.
By obeying the law they will reduce the chance of losing their licence and help make the roads safer
Countless lives have beensaved by trusting and obeying its guid-ing light in times of storm and darkness.
Obeying Orders: Atrocity, Military Discipline and the Law of War.
associated with angular values obeying variable systems of conversion (say, 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, etc.
The new cyber treehouse website delivers the message -- in a fun way -- that obeying the law online is as important as obeying the law offline.
Questioning the law or not obeying it only results in anarchy and chaos.
The vow is a traditional one and it works both ways with both obeying each other.