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We first obfuscate different datasets using EVS algorithm, then super-peers apply SR protocol on these datasets and submit them to PRS.
Example in Cooperation With the Programmer: If the application to obfuscate access data located in a database, with a little help from the programmer, exceptions could be raised inducing erroneous SQL sentences.
So it is in the best interest of the Governor, as we move into the great debate of 1997, that the focus be on the issues and not on collateral items that we know would be thrown up at us to obfuscate the real issues.
The emotion may well be worthy of measuring, the meaning of fathoming or deciphering; but the cultural echoes obfuscate rather than illuminate the gloomy and obscure whole, cooling Dhavetas's intended effect and expended poetic effort.
You may apologize, cover-up, obfuscate and deny each time you place your foot where your fork should be; but you can never reverse the clock.
In addition, Sean "Frank2" Taylor, security engineer at Rapid7, will present the session entitled, "Binary Obfuscation from the Top-Down: Obfuscating Executables Without Writing Assembly," where he will teach an array of methods that can be employed to obfuscate a binary as it is compiled rather than afterward.
Many software vendors utilize binary packers to obfuscate code and restore it before execution.
As Beekin and Sullivan practice journalism of a sort that would do the White House Press Corps proud -- stories include a Pasadena body-building competition and an undercover investigation of homophobia (which seems to exist mainly within the crew) -- the petty agendas of each routinely obfuscate any chance of insightful reporting occurring.
A serious and intense work of prolonged thought and feeling, written to speak against common exhortations that obfuscate the process of understanding with the intensely human yet ultimately misleading need to believe what we want to believe.
The whole affair further underlines that any figures presented in support of Objective One are highly questionable and ``spun'' merely to obfuscate the absolute mess which the Welsh Assembly Government has made of using this massive but never-to-berepeated regeneration grant.
But these misfires did not obfuscate the importance of an underlying question.
But Karl Iderfurth, who led the talks, said: "We saw a continuing effort to evade, deny and obfuscate.