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In this way, the obfuscating tool knows if p and q are equal (being p and q pointers to a given structure) but an automated deobfuseating tool could not known it by the means of a static analysis.
In making his case Peach effortlessly and judiciously employs contemporary theoretical approaches to illuminate Carter's thematic concerns without resorting to the heavy-handed use of obfuscating jargon.
The literary critics risk obfuscating meanin rather than enlarging it.
But the Journal management finally pushed reluctant carriers over the edge by "strongly requesting" that young carriers sign a one-sided contract written in obfuscating legalese.
DON'T antagonize reporters by refusing to admit them to the premises or by obfuscating the facts.
Tracking the motion of a swimming protozoan against a motley background of stationary algae, fragments of extraneous material and other obfuscating elements would be simpler if it were possible to get rid of the background.
In addition, Sean "Frank2" Taylor, security engineer at Rapid7, will present the session entitled, "Binary Obfuscation from the Top-Down: Obfuscating Executables Without Writing Assembly," where he will teach an array of methods that can be employed to obfuscate a binary as it is compiled rather than afterward.
The mastermind's demands are precise yet obfuscating.
He's a mainstream economist noting a very real pattern--one that would be obvious were it not for the obfuscating effects of the two parties' rhetoric.
But this practice can convey the opposite by obfuscating and confusing.