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It supports direct XAP file obfuscation, XAML/BAML obfuscation, improved control flow obfuscation, support for PDB files, a Visual Studio Project Integration Wizard, Support for Windows Phone 7 obfuscation, automatic authenticode signing, Test Mode obfuscation, improved COM Interop support and more
Single supplier for the hiring of an individual or legal person who provides a data obfuscation software for computer equipment ibm as / 400.
Integrity Protection - Code Obfuscation - Root Detection - Anti-Debug Protection
The key to this successful obfuscation mechanism is a new type of multilinear jigsaw puzzle.
It is designed to protect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data by utilizing encryption, masking, de-identification, data substitution and other obfuscation methods.
The war of words between management and major shareholders of Birmingham pub group Mitchells & Butlers is show-w ing no signs of dying down, after the firm's major investor accused the board of presiding over "a culture of obfuscation and excess".
Meanwhile the government hides behind the shield of obfuscation.
Obfuscation is the most accepted and commercially available technique that developers can use to protect their intellectual property In this work, we propose the use of try-catch mechanisms available in .
DataVantage Global(R) Software Would Have Prevented HMRC Breaches Through Data Obfuscation of Personally Identifiable Information
Alan Greenspan: It's a--a language of purposeful obfuscation to avoid certain questions coming up, which you know you can't answer, and saying--"I will not answer or basically no comment is, in fact, an answer.
This is complicated by military obfuscation, a power struggle between the local sheik-turned-mayor and a resistance leader, and the fact that anyone seen talking to an American is likely to get shot.
As it turns out, this is a massive understatement, for, as in earlier writings by Tafuri, obfuscation is overpoweringly present, and any message the author might wish to disseminate is obscured by the pretentiousness and incomprehensibility of his ludicrously opaque language, influenced no doubt by his Marxist stance and by people such as Adorno and Foucault (which might explain, of course, why some find it profound).