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another, the instantiation of objectionably divisive or exclusionary
human-centered] welfarism is objectionably homocentric
On a defense motion for summary judgment, the court held that Dane had met the requirements of the first prong of Davis: "severe, pervasive and objectionably offensive conduct," (76) as well as the second prong: actual notice of the harassment by school administrators.
Is society organized in an objectionably patriarchical fashion?
Its front page, for instance, usually features a news flash condemning some form of pedagogical malfeasance based on an objectionably sympathetic view of Arabs and Muslims.
So why does pursuing deterrence in that case not likewise objectionably harm some as a means of benefiting others?
Most objectionably, it forbids detainees from challenging their confinement through the ancient writ of habeas corpus.
It explains nothing to say that such a restriction should be regarded as an objectionably discriminatory policy, rather than a neutral one, whenever its enforcement involves an intent to discriminate.
On my anti-paternalist view, if there were a society whose members did not want to be democratic, it would be objectionably paternalistic to use coercion to make it democratic.
Congreve's lines, however, offer an attractively religious sentiment without any objectionably sacred content.
1997) (court refused to recognize demeaning remark as actionable under Title VII, stating that Title VII does not guarantee sophistication or proper behavior in the workplace; it only prohibits conduct that is so severe or pervasive as to create an objectionably reasonable hostile or abusive environment).