objective certainty

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The mandatory requirement for third-party certification adds a level of objective certainty and integrity to equipment performance that is above and beyond the requirements of any other sport standards organization.
I suspect that the desire to know with some absolute, objective certainty that she or he really loves me is a very human one, but not a very mature one.
If I were asked to present on this topic, having read Creaturely Theology, I would note both the objective certainty that humans are animals and the subjective possibility of humans surpassing animals.
117) For example, if ten of every one hundred armed robbers are arrested in City X, then the objective certainty of arrest for armed robbery is 0.
119) Increasing the number of police officers on the street was an attempt to increase the objective certainty of punishment.
122) For example, in the hypothetical jurisdiction above in which ten out of one hundred armed robbers were arrested, the objective certainty of arrest for armed robbery was 0.
141) These two sets of findings suggest that what the police do can affect the objective certainty of punishment.
225) Estimating an ordinary least squares regression model with the perceived probability of arrest for auto theft in the NLSY97 as the dependent variable, Lochner found that the objective certainty of punishment as measured by the country-level arrest rate for auto theft was unrelated to the perceived level of certainty.
Now science clearly tells us, with objective certainty, that full human life begins at conception with the formation of a genetically complete, self-directing human entity, the embryo.
This alternative turns out to be Kierkegaardian: we cannot expect objective certainty in the realm of personal relations and the divine; and religious commitments flow primarily from personal relations and evidence manifested by the lives of persons "who are unusually attuned to the divine mind" (222).
He also held that scientists could discover knowledge that equals divine knowledge in objective certainty (if not in breadth) because it was able to establish that certain aspects of the natural world were necessarily so.
As important as the development's effects on the marsh might be, CLF believes that the larger question, of the boundaries of permissible legislative standards, and the degree to which they must be susceptible to objective certainty, is even more important.