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And to help ensure the objectiveness of information being collected, inspecting officials also conduct unaccompanied interviews (without the security officer) with both cleared and uncleared contractor employees.
Both supplier and buyer will be able to benefit from adding reliability, objectiveness, and speed to the visual approval processes currently being used.
This follows the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry's review of the objectiveness of the complaints filed by the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of Russia (Rosselkhoznadzor) regarding the quality of the two firms' products.
Moreover, the ranks of the programs of FDSM in the three years show no radical change, indicating the school's consistent pedagogical excellence, a cachet of the objectiveness, reliability, and credibility of its education.
Syria's Justice Ministry has dismissed the photos and accompanying report as "politicized and lacking objectiveness and professionalism," a "gathering of images of unidentified people, some of whom have turned out to be foreigners.
By creating alternative avenues of liquidity in over-the-counter trading products among professional money managers, the firm minimises trading costs and improves the quality and objectiveness of flow information.
For the sake of objectiveness, I will not give any examples regarding this matter.
Comparison of forward and backward sequences gives a valuable possibility to verify objectiveness of obtained distributions.
However, the desire of people in power to uphold their status undermines the objectiveness of the budgetary forecasts, because of the high political cost.
Disappointingly the whole tone of this evaluation lacks academic rigour and the objectiveness which one would expect from an organisation like UCE, ' she added.
REE, as system operator, guarantees the continuity and security of the electricity supply maintaining the constant balance between generation and consumption in Spain, and it performs these functions under the principles of transparency, objectiveness and independence.