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After describing what critics of objective journalism find as its faults and detailing the historical roots of objective journalism, Jones returns to a discussion of how journalis--with objectivity at its core--has been thought of by those who set forth its principles.
Daston and Galison do not argue that the history of scientific objectivity is determined solely by visual representation, but that modes of visual representation are an obvious manifestation of the epistemic virtues underlying scientific thought and practice.
So is what I take to be the current strategy of Time and Newsweek, which is not to have any overt or even covert ideological bias, but to liberate writers from the constraints of objectivity and not to worry excessively if it all averages out as a tilt one way or the other.
The historians' efforts to study objectivity have great significance for what are called the science wars.
In addition to the general standards under Rule 201, other rules need to be considered, including Rule 101--Independence, Rule 102--Integrity and Objectivity, Rule 203--Accounting Principles, Rule 301--Confidential Client Information and Rule 302--Contingent Fees.
Inherent in any attempt to persuade is the assumption that some shared notion of objectivity exists--some common ground of beliefs about how the world is which can serve as the basis for argument.
Cromer demonstrates that throughout all of recorded history, the idea of objectivity and public knowledge has been a minority view.