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The survey asked respondents to define if they feel no obligation, somewhat obligated, obligated or absolutely obligated to be available to their employer virtually 24/7.
First, employee participants in the plan were not obligated to provide substantiation of the expenses incurred; the employer relied wholly on its pre-determined expense ratio to calculate reimbursements.
An estimate of the total amount obligated for the construction project.
SUPPORT TO NON-OBLIGATED AFFILIATES: Support to Cornerstone Affiliates or other non-obligated affiliates that would materially weaken the obligated group's liquidity or profitability would place downward pressure on the rating.
P also admitted at trial that he understood that under the terms of the settlement agreement, in the event of G's prior death, he would still be obligated to make the $37,000 payment to G's estate and the estate would still be obligated to transfer G's interest in the marital residence to P.
The Charity Obligated Group will consist of 26 hospitals, accounting for over 8,000 beds and 328,000 acute care discharges.
Operating profitability of the obligated group has been solid with operating ratios of 97% and 96.
3 million revenue bonds, 1997 series W, issued on behalf of Mercy Health Services Obligated Group, are assigned an underlying rating of 'AA-' by Fitch.
Managing the support needed by the non-obligated group affiliates without affecting the obligated group's performance.
704-1(b)(2)(iv); (2) liquidating distributions be made in accordance with the partners' positive capital account balances; and (3) partners be unconditionally obligated to restore negative capital account balances on liquidation.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Charity Obligated Group (Daughters of Charity National Health System (DCNHS) as Fiscal Agent) $924 million 1997 bonds, series A through F, are assigned a long-term rating of 'AA+' by Fitch.
Upon: such an event, the shareholder (or his estate) was obligated to sell the shares, and the surviving shareholders were obligated to buy them, at a price stated in the agreement.