obligation incurred

See: cost
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Evaluate the projected cash flows from any revenue source that may constitute security for any obligation incurred.
Using the term "to welsh" when you mean "failing to honour a debt or obligation incurred through a promise or agreement" is straightforwardly unacceptable.
During the second quarter, management was also able to extinguish $537,309 in debt through the restructuring and assignment of a loan obligation incurred to construct the Ashdown mine.
There is no cost or obligation incurred by registering.
DOI income arises when a creditor releases a debtor from an obligation incurred at the outset of the debtor creditor relationship.
But a new lighting system (the result of a legal obligation incurred in 1991) and financial losses at the normally profitable school put the festival further into the red.
In addition, the reverse stock split makes it possible for TDS to fulfill its obligation incurred under a Management Services Agreement to issue shares to GreenShift Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSHF), whose mission is to develop and support companies and technologies that facilitate the efficient use of natural resources.
61(a)(12) includes in gross income "income from discharge of indebtedness" which is income that arises when a creditor releases a debtor from an obligation incurred at the outset of the debtor-creditor relationship.
Accordingly, this phase will seek to improve transparency by requiring that the funded or unfunded status of defined benefit and other postretirement benefit plans, measured as the difference between the fair value of plan assets and the current measure of the benefit obligation incurred for past employee service, be recognized in the balance sheet.
2013(d) directs that in arriving at the value of the property transferred to the present decedent, the value at which the property was included in the transferor's gross estate is reduced by (1) the amount of the transferor's Federal estate tax and any other death taxes payable out of the transferred property, (2) the amount of any marital deduction allowed the transferor's estate if the present decedent is the transferor's spouse and (3) the amount of any encumbrance or obligation incurred by the second decedent with respect to the transferred property.
The company will reserve approximately $36 million of the net proceeds to satisfy the deferred consideration obligation incurred in connection with its acquisition of 19 Entertainment Limited, when such amount becomes payable and to the extent paid in cash.
Contract award: tender for the granting of long-term loan for a period of 10 years, in the amount of pln 3 500 000 to repay the debt obligation incurred before barlineckie cultural centre on the neck for 2013.