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N Obliging the Health and Industry and Commerce Ministries to monitor herbal medicine retailers
Accordingly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suggests the following: 1- We have to adopt a firm and clear position obliging the regime to give up its security option and accept the political approach to solve the crisis, according to the six-point Annan plan 2- We have to be more serious in forwarding the Syrian issue to the United Nations Security Council to take a resolution obliging it to obey to Annan plan according to the 7th Chapter of the United Nations Charter.
3- Obliging employing Libyan staff consciously who currently working in the existing factories, preparing training programs to increase their inefficient and skills and discharging the staff proved to be inefficient to perform their duties.
There is no law obliging a citizen to exercise the right to free speech and stipulating punishment if he does not want to do so.
He was most obliging and leaves a wonderful family.
Talks touched upon the tragic situation the Palestinian people are living under the Israeli siege on Gaza, where both sides stressed necessity for the international community to move and findAaan urgent solution to this situation by obliging Israel to lift thisAaunjistAasiege.
23/09/2008, IRIN, JOHANNESBURG -- The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food has called on governments to draw up national laws obliging them to take action when there is a threat of famine or food insecurity.
The Japanese Bankers Association will shortly devise in-house rules obliging member banks to reimburse depositors in the event that savings were withdrawn through fraud via the Internet, sources close to the association said Thursday.
27 approved a bill obliging the government to revise its co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in response to a Dec.
Pragmatic critiques--that, for example, such projects are luxuries we cannot afford in divisive times--may be politically salient, but they are artistically conservative, restricting artists to relations they abhor and obliging them to abjure their most far-reaching propositions.
In The Week: Eating Out (Echo, February 12), Alison Stokes extolled the new Italian eatery, Casanova, in Quay Street, Cardiff, and says: 'The staff are friendly and obliging, which makes a refreshing change.
Ben Durrant was the only contestant to tip two winners on day three - Coleorton Dancer and Northern Splendour obliging at 5-4 and 7-2 respectively - and moves into second spot.