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Using its patented HyperCamera2 technology, Nearmap is revolutionizing the oblique aerial imagery market with the same access model.
containing two noun phrases, NP of NP) subjects comprise a singular collective head noun and an oblique noun, that is, the noun within the of-PP.
He likewise draws an oblique conclusion that while the holocaust was an attempt to exterminate the future generation of Jews, the so-called extrajudicial killings, roundly attributed to him, will nevertheless result in the salvation of the next generation of Filipinos,' said Abella.
Leon et al reported in his study relation of foramen thyroideum to the oblique line, the foramen thyroideum (FT) was found in a variable position: below (28 cases), right at the upper end (four cases), and above the oblique line (nine cases).
Oblique Shock waves and normal shocks are very small regions in the gas where the gas properties change by a large amount.
Superior oblique palsy (SOP) is the most frequent single extraocular muscle paralysis diagnosed by ophthalmologists.
Endoscopic treatment of obstructive ureterovesical pathology using meatotomy in an oblique direction can preserve the submucosal tunnel and the muscular sheath and conserve the valvular function of the submucosal ureter or medial valve, thus preventing the occurrence of vesicoureteral reflux.
In this paper one investigates the lengths that are oblique to the motion direction and one finds their Oblique-Length Contraction Factor [3], which is a generalization of the Lorentz Contraction Factor (for [theta] = 0) and of the perpendicular lengths (for [theta] = [pi]/2).
To this end, we used multibeam echosounder data to generate metrics that describe the seafloor: backscatter strength at normal and oblique incidence angles, the variation of the angle-dependent backscatter strength within 10[degrees] of normal incidence, the scintillation of the acoustic intensity scattered from the seafloor, and the seafloor rugosity.
The abdominal oblique muscles stretch From the groin to the ribcage, crossing diagonally near the sides of the torso," Dr.
com Swiss Ball Oblique Twist ALTHOUGH this engages core muscles, it mainly targets the oblique muscles down each side of the stomach.
has been awarded a foundational United States patent for its technology and systems used to accurately calculate the area of vertical and pitched surfaces from oblique aerial photography.