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On each plain radiograph of the anteroposterior view, we evaluated the following variables: lateral joint space distance, height of the fibular head, height of the lateral tibial spine, squaring of the lateral femoral condyle, and cupping and obliquity of the lateral tibial plateau [Figure 1].
The most accurate eccentricity, climatic precession, obliquity, and insolation for the past several millions years have been proposed by Laskar et al.
Frontal plane--Two studies investigated the side-to-side differences in pelvic obliquity [7,47]; there was no difference in the pelvic obliquity between the intact and amputated limb (p > 0.
The resulting pelvic obliquity leads to loss of sitting balance and necessitates the use of the patient's arms for support, thereby reducing function.
Stephen will be in a spica cast for six weeks following the procedure (to) avoid further deformities such as pelvic obliquity and developing spinal scoliosis.
Indeed, one might argue that they explicitly eschew obliquity as a way of understanding and conveying probation's potential.
10) Without reticence or obliquity he concedes that his aspiration and all his works are touched by the fallen desire for self-glorification and by a fallen self-concern (16).
Because of their brevity, the majority of these poems are constructed around an empty center of obliquity, and, taken in tandem with the skills of educated readers, this is how their emotional effects are successfully conveyed.
She said that it turns out that a small tilt, or obliquity, in the spin axis, sometime in the past, can explain a lot of what we see.
The role of bathymetry, wave obliquity and coastal curvature in dune erosion prediction.
Being altogether unprepared, and not having considered the form which distortion might be expected to assume, I did not look for the northern 'prominence'; but this would probably have been much less conspicuous, owing to the obliquity with which the ring system was occulted by the moon's limb.
However, the value of the obliquity of the ecliptic is too small to have any impact on an analysis of body orientation (see Wittmann 1979).