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This obliquity, suggestive of the relation between Stevie's mad art and feminine jouissance [enjoy-meant], is also the key to a new dynamics of the reading gaze: the economy of the gaze in this novel makes us squint back and forth, within and without, as we receive little flashes of insight--as through a squint in a church.
Absurdism has a kind of seductiveness, we know, and obliquity can resemble--in fact, can be--daring.
29-31) The effect of obliquity of radiographic views on measurement of flexion- and extension-joint angles has not been reported.
The mean of the two responses to the stimuli embodying the two variants of obliquity and the response made to the fronto-parallel stimulus were therefore treated as two measures obtained with each triad of lamellae of a set.
The fact that a planet is not a perfect sphere means that it experiences additional perturbing effects due to the gravitational forces exerted by its satellites and the Sun, and these can cause long-term evolution in its obliquity (the angle between the planet's equator and its orbit plane).
Spillers's configuration of the daughter/father dynamic in her foundational essay, "'The Permanent Obliquity of an In(pha)llibly Straight': In the Time of the Daughters and the Fathers" (1988).
We have taken a couple of RPG strikes that have glanced off because of the obliquity of the vehicle.
Obliquity is the preferred approach when systems are "complex, imperfectly understood, and change their nature as we engage with them.
But he rebelled against Wilde's coy obliquity when dealing with sexual matters, adopting an openness that qualifies Gide as the first person to "come out" as gay.
Mostly, though, Revell achieves all the originality, and all the obliquity, his lines need.
In which L and L' are the mean longitudes of the moon and the sun, [OMEGA] the longitude of the ascending node of the orbit of the moon and [epsilon] the obliquity of the ecliptic with respect to the mean equator of the epoch of date (T = 0 gives the obliquity of both fundamental planes for the standard epoch).
The novels' representation of women embodies a set of socially determined values and protocols, 'spun' by literary sophistication; the aim of criticism, for her, is to expose the ideologies of marriage and gender paradigmatics, while remaining alert to the insuperable slipperiness and obliquity of this devious genre (see especially p.