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Now, I realize that few of us have confronted the real danger of being obliterated by a student essay (existentially speaking, of course).
It obliterated the nasolabial fold and involved the skin at the root of the nose.
Carcasses that have been obliterated will generally not show any trace of existence the next day.
On this particular expanse of the great barrier, a landscape muralist on the Israeli side has softened the wall's dreary imposition, patiently reconstructing the obliterated view of a surrounding hillside where Israel's Palestinian neighbors have been quarantined.
and the enormous stress created when their livelihood is obliterated overnight.
There was one reporter who told the powers that be that if the guard obliterated everyone at Wounded Knee, she would make sure that the story got told.
Punk Rock Karaoke was on and a slightly-inebriated Tony rolled around on the floor of the Great American Music Hall, as one by one the obliterated guests discovered their rock-star talent on the mic.
Taxpayers have neither obliterated the jurat nor altered any of its existing language.
Supreme Court obliterated the recounting plan on December 12, the very day that a federal statute required a "conclusive" selection of electors in order for Florida to take advantage of a provision that would prevent any challenge in Congress to the state's electoral slate.
AB 2246 requires that electronic records, docments or recordings of a customer's personal information be shredded, erased or otherwise obliterated before disposal.
Firearms with obliterated serial numbers depict an increasing problem.
Behind the pen and the hunting dog who stands sentinel is a nearly obliterated path that leads downhill to the tree.