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The DEO informed that the Rescue staff had received total 6204846 calls since its inception out of which emergency calls were 162871 with 102286 wrong calls, 5418265 obnoxious, irrelevant, distorted, blank and dropped calls while there were 5063 fake calls received in District Command and Control Room.
Suspension may be accordingly lifted at any time should Roxol Bioenergy [demonstrate] in good faith true and genuine activities showing substantial mitigation of obnoxious foul odor in compliance with its permanent comprehensive pollution control program and plan of actions submitted to this office,' the order added.
You were utterly deplorable and obnoxious to your neighbour and it displayed a primitive base prejudice on your part.
LOUIS Walsh has branded Frankie Cocozza an "arrogant, obnoxious little f***er".
Summary: An obnoxious lout who repeatedly made abusive hand gestures to a CCTV camera in Dudley was left red-faced when he bumped into a lamp-post.
The authority has issued a draft regulation with Arevision Aand amendments of clauses in "Protection from Spam, AUnsolicited, Fraudulent, and Obnoxious Communications Regulations 2012 in order to receive feedback from all stakeholders of the industry.
APPRENTICE hopeful Ricky Martin is branded "crass, obnoxious and infantile" and an "arrogant fool" by Lord Sugar's business advisers in tonight's gripping final.
I'm usually reserved, but I tend to be a little obnoxious in a group setting, like a party.
It's obnoxious because of the relentlessness with which it slams witless gags in the viewer's face," he said.
London has arguably become one of the leading redoubts of the world's most obnoxious and unscrupulous, because they are most protected here from anyone pointing out that they are obnoxious and unscrupulous.
PTA, in this regard, promulgated regulations called Protection from Spam, Unsolicited Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulations 2009.
In the show "My Parents Are Gonna Love You," participants will tell their folks about a wonderful new significant other who turns out to be a famous face -- and utterly obnoxious.