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IT will take far more than the environmentally-friendly faade of running a few buses on recycled cooking oil to stem the obnoxiously fishy smell emanating from Merseytravel''s new headquarters at Mann Island, begun during the reign of Tsar Neil Scalextric, since departed to a salary-doubling job in Australia.
He said the values of the Simpsons, an obnoxiously self-centered and irreligious bunch, were not acceptable in Iran, however.
I FIRST ENCOUNTERED Jane Lynch in 2000 when I saw her in Best in Show playing a tough-as-nails lesbian dog trainer, and then in a variety stage show in a tiny Los Angeles theater where she played an obnoxiously hilarious lesbian self-help guru.
Which is not to say that the movie is obnoxiously self-referential, but rather that it is comfortable with itself and confident in its ability to amuse and beguile young viewers.
He takes his first flight and is shocked to be sharing his hotel room with a black man (Isiah Whitlock Jr) and obnoxiously annoying Dean (Reilly).
Right; because somehow the same body of passengers who obnoxiously put their interests ahead of everyone else's, the ones who will tread on your feet and elbow you in the ribs to make it to the front, can be counted on to work together to get Kipp from point A to point B?
Just like those obnoxiously smart kids in college, these folks must be the business equivalent of double majors.
As soon as he approached the sandwich, with a smile of thanks on his face, the light turned green, and because I didn't start immediately, three cars behind me started honking obnoxiously.
One day, Billy ruins a dinner meeting between his father, Brian (McGavin), and his associates by acting obnoxiously.
Pakistan, May 08 -- It is remarkable how often Lalit Modi - until recently supreme boss of the Indian Premier League, India's glossy and glitzy cricket extravaganza - manages to be photographed in a pose that is not merely flamboyant, but obnoxiously so.
It's comfortable and stylish without being obnoxiously overloaded, and it has a reassuring steadiness under the toughest road conditions," suggested the Mother Proof website.
Yet, more obnoxiously, the ruling tells Jews that the state will not accept their own decision about who is or is not a member of their own community and stigmatizes them alone among minorities for that decision.