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He said the values of the Simpsons, an obnoxiously self-centered and irreligious bunch, were not acceptable in Iran, however.
I FIRST ENCOUNTERED Jane Lynch in 2000 when I saw her in Best in Show playing a tough-as-nails lesbian dog trainer, and then in a variety stage show in a tiny Los Angeles theater where she played an obnoxiously hilarious lesbian self-help guru.
He takes his first flight and is shocked to be sharing his hotel room with a black man (Isiah Whitlock Jr) and obnoxiously annoying Dean (Reilly).
Right; because somehow the same body of passengers who obnoxiously put their interests ahead of everyone else's, the ones who will tread on your feet and elbow you in the ribs to make it to the front, can be counted on to work together to get Kipp from point A to point B?
The fact that twelve-year-old Ambrose is obnoxiously too smart for his own good, combined with his neurotically overprotective mother and their constant relocation from city to city every couple of years, do little to help his friendless nerd status.
It's comfortable and stylish without being obnoxiously overloaded, and it has a reassuring steadiness under the toughest road conditions," suggested the Mother Proof website.
Regulators see these tools [DOR and LUA] as useful and not obnoxiously intrusive," Lozoff said.
He was at times quite an annoying speaker at Student Union meetings -- someone who bordered on the obnoxiously racist and sexist -- which is a far cry from his current post in the House of Parliament.
We see parents every day standing up and stomping their feet and yelling obnoxiously when their second-grade daughter is trying to make a basket.
I haven't learned anything from the interviews except that the poets were studious, trained, self-assured and obnoxiously self-important.
Byzantine historian Irene Winters, who is not only ferociously ambitious and obnoxiously sharp-tongued but also fashion-blind, reminds one of a tendency among certain male British novelists, Angus Wilson's Anglo-Saxon Attitudes maybe, to depict the rare Oxbridge female academic as a frump.