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It is associated with obesity (except in children, who may have normal body weight) and patients are usually overweight women, who present with swollen discs, headaches and often visual obscurations.
The NFPA 502 (2004) defines the smoke obscuration levels that should be considered to maintain a tenable environment for periods of short duration.
Smoke obscuration measurements are made in the exhaust duct by a helium-neon laser with silicon photodiodes as main beam and reference detectors, and appropriate electronics to derive the extinction coefficient and set also provided in the exhaust duct for isokinetic sampling probes for determining concentrations of gaseous combustion products, typically the carbon oxides.
Increasing market interest in reducing smoke obscuration and corrosivity are helping to create opportunities for phosphorus additives as alternatives or complements to standard halogenated compounds.
The smoke commander and team leader demonstrate the capabilities of obscuration on the battlefield.
The failure to synchronize effective suppression and obscuration with obstacle reduction and assault, for example, can lead to swift, overwhelming losses of friendly forces at the obstacle or within the enemy engagement area.
Over time, these markings become obliterated due to weather fading, failing paint, and rubber obscuration
It seems this will go on like this unless Davutoy-lu raises an objection to this process of obscuration.
eclipse The total or partial obscuration of light from a celestial body as it passes through the shadow of another body.
However, sparse orbital photometric data of the companion did not allow constraining the degree of tidal distortion to date, although suggestions were made that there are signatures of a strong tidal effects, for example; a large orbital period derivative; the pulsar is eclipsed for a significant portion of its orbit (~15%) and there is significant flux variability in the radio data (2000 MHz) which may be contributed by obscuration material from a mass-losing companion that could be a star nearly filling its Roche lobe.
MID) has developed and manufactures the FloShield(TM) laparoscopic vision system, the first device that prevents loss of vision during laparoscopic surgery due to obscuration of the optics.