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The objective of cross-domain obscuration is to deny enemy forces the ability to acquire and target friendly forces across the EMS.
We report a different method in this paper, in which the series of suspensions is measured in a light obscuration counter.
occultation Complete or partial obscuration of an astronomical object by another.
Visibility along a path can be calculated from smoke obscuration as
Its off:axis optical design does not produce central obscuration and delivers efficient transmission.
But while the news is positive for United in the short-term, Owen's obscuration has effectively put them on notice of his intention to leave the club.
There are other types of particle counting but the light obscuration method is a more common and accurate method and is well regulated through ISO standards and practices.
As a result, frequent automated checking for counter-feits regardless of misorientation and obscuration and with high integrity will be a matter for interminable RFID trials and little more.
As they settle, particles are detected by a sensor; typical methods include X-ray attenuation and light obscuration.
However, obtaining an AP or PA projection of the patella completely free of bony obscuration from the relatively dense condylar and epicondylar portions of the distal femur sometimes is difficult because of the position of the patella in relation to the femur.
The joint project manager for nuclear, biological and chemical contamination avoidance, product manager for reconnaissance and obscuration, Aberdeen, Md.
The lowest smoke obscuration numbers were achieved when polyester level was above 42% and water was below 2% of the resin.