obscure statement

See: enigma
References in classic literature ?
For example, ten or twelve years before, a shower of small frogs had fallen, as is credibly attested by a contemporaneous chronicle, the record concluding with a somewhat obscure statement to the effect that the chronicler considered it good growing-weather for Frenchmen.
He himself was aware that these terms "[did] not quite please the experts," but defended them as a pedagogical strategy "so that the material being discussed will be understood and the mind not be suspended in ignorance because of some ambiguous and obscure statement or remark" (237; from the introduction to his earlier treatise, Musica autoschediastike).
To provide an external standpoint from which to evaluate obscure statements in Cabala, the author often invokes modern writers, such as Benjamin and Derrida, Freud and Jung, Bruno Schulz and Kafka.