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To delineate this legitimacy, we chose and trimmed two unique districts from the information obscured picture and assessed the obscure piece separately.
It's their legal duty to erect and maintain these signs and if they're broken, obscured or have fallen over they are failing in their duty.
He argued the conviction was unassailable because the signs themselves ( even though one was admittedly obscured ( were valid under the 1984 Act.
The placement of the stop sign for the subject intersection was too remote from the intersection itself to serve as an adequate warning, and the stop sign was allowed to be obscured from view by drivers on 35th Street West approaching Avenue L,'' the lawsuit said.
Obscured by their uncertain numbers, the dense multiformity of family responses to them, and the unpredictability of legal action by and against them, the experience of bastards is recounted in massive detail but eludes a comprehensive assessment of illegitimacy in Renaissance Florence.
All 27 obscured and 4 inadequate specimens (5% of the 615 cytology reports reviewed) were reported among women who were pregnant, menopausal, or posthysterectomy.
The plasma donor's heart may have been so healthy that she had little C-reactive protein in her blood, or some facet of the group's approach may have obscured the protein's detection.
In this article, we describe two cases of severe epistaxis in which angiography and embolization not only failed to control the bleeding, but also obscured the underlying etiology.
His history goes from Erigena's view of "mechanical arts" as a knowledge obscured by the Fall to Protestant activism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The controversial key to the success of these claims for Y2K-remediation expenses is an obscure property insurance provision known as the "sue and labor" clause, which, as one court more than 75 years ago put it, "is so old that its origin is obscured by antiquity.
But in the North-west, eclipse seekers were left disappointed when clouds obscured their view.
We can rest assured that any post NAFTA increases in pollution, unemployment, or poverty will be ignored, denied, obscured, or attributed to causes other than the agreement.