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The highlight of the event was the free pony ride offered to children, which drew hoards of children eagerly waiting in the queue for their turn to take a ride on the well groomed obsequious ponies especially brought to entertain them.
If so, it appears rather obsequious for the two Koreas to compete for Beijing's endorsement of their respective diplomatic strategy while trying to sideline each other.
Iftikhar further said that the Supreme Court was fully empowered to strike down any law, which was in conflict with the constitution and emphasised that it was time, after 65 years of independence, that "we free ourselves from the shackles of obsequious intellectual servility to colonial paradigms and start adhering to our constitution".
Inevitably he has much to say about the 'special relationship' as defined by an obsequious Prime Minister who has only half jokingly been referred to as The Queen's 'first American PM'.
Expect random violence (mostly afflicted upon a diminutive Spanish waiter), obsequious toadying and down right rudeness while you try to enjoy a three-course meal without choking with laughter.
Another Lonhro daughter, Parables, filled third behind Obsequious.
From 2012, voters will be able to decide the top dog and obsequious police authorities will be axed.
conservatism, and attacked Buckley himself as being too obsequious in regard to those questions.
She has reassured the Americans that Australia will be as obsequious as we have been in the past.
The collection that hits the shelves this autumn has a plethora of obsequious designs exuding modish sophistication for the fashion conscious man and woman.
Once-haughty headwaiters at pricey restaurants are suddenly downright obsequious.
This triptych, which necessitates two intervals for set-changes, charts the rise of the oily and initially obsequious Sidney, a small-time property developer, who begins by trying to ingratiate himself with bank manager Ronald and architect Geoffrey, and ends with them literally dancing to his tune.