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observantly witty" play, whilst the Daily Express is seduced by Irene's, "real French coffee-sipping sex appeal" and "sheer feminine radiance".
Having developed a personal rapport with such a vendor, it is time to taste, observantly and thoughtfully, so that a bank of memories is available for recall in our minds.
In an August 31, 1962, memo he sent to his four children he explained that his parents had stopped going to synagogue but "decided to bring us up observantly and let us decide for ourselves.
proclivity toward "associational life" that Alexis de Toqueville observantly described 50 years earlier emerged as sector after sector in the human services began organizing.
These Jews approve of living observantly but also prefer eating the forbidden foods to not eating them: ergo, conflict.
Definitely Appalachian yet somehow observantly contemporary, this mountain music band has a way of picking and singing about bad love, wasted lives and uncertain hope for a better world while sounding amiably easygoing.
Thus, the Government has prevented Ferghana Province, one of Uzbekistan's most populous and observantly Muslim areas, from having a madrassah to train imams.
18) Although similar to Ruskin's theory of types, which sees nature as embodying divine lessons left for the observantly faithful to read in the Book of Creation, (19) Hopkins' Scotist views on the Incarnation are far more radically Christ-centered than are Ruskin's.
Felstiner is observantly discomfited by the translation of the poem's silence: "Does the silence cutting short her last words tagidulo sh'ani, do our questions suspended in that silence after 'tell him that I,' resound the same in English as in Hebrew?
Mihoko Suzuki observantly compares the treatment of gender and class in Much Ado Abut Nothing and Twelfth Night with that in Arden of Faversham and A Warning for Fair Women, while Rachana Sachdev interestingly analyzes travel writings in conjunction with medical knowledge, particularly that centered on the practice of female circumcision, with special reference to The Tempest.
Dearborn observantly remarks that traditionally, ethnic women's writing has usually been "mediated" by devices such as prefaces, appendices, glossaries, and annotations which "serve to |translate' the foreignness of the ethnic experience for the dominant culture, to guarantee the author's ethnicity, and often, in the last analysis, to make the text more accessible to the reader" (36).
She has started to come out of her shell," reflected bright spark Roberto observantly.