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Safety of transport, Speed, Flexibility, Transparency) Source: Authors' representation Table 1 Main factors' influence on courier operators' activity No of Minimum Maximum Factors observatio registered registered ns value value Reducing 46 1.
Collaborates with peer observers to meet with the CTE teacher to discuss performance results from their observatio
He presented his memoir, Observatio experimentis confirmata, pro hydrope pectori, pulmonum anasarca, et hydropericardio cognoscendis; et nova methodus dittos morbos operandi, to the Society of the School of Medicine in Paris in 1815.
Ecclesiam catholicam penes me esse, et pura observatio nostra facit.
El tratado sobre la sangre Haematologia sive Sanguinis historia, experimentis passim superstructa : accedit observatio anatomica de acetabuli ligamento interno, caput femoris firmante, cum binis Tabulis adjectis, de Thomas Schwencke (1693-1767), estampado en La Haya por Juan Martin Husson en 1743.
314) y aprovecha la alusion a las "sentencias y dichos de filosofos" ("dicta sententiasque philosophorum") para insistir en el contenido ejemplar de Celestina: "dicta et sententiae hic [en Celestina] tales sunt qualium observatio beate et innocenter, laudabiliter etiam, vivere faciat, contemptus illaudatam vitam turpi fine claudat.
0) F Adjusted R- Observatio Constant Muslim squared ns Percentage (MUS) 587.
As we have seen, Musculus' exegetical method builds from text to application, from the lectio, to the explanatio, to the observatio.
965960171 Error Observatio 51 ns ANOVA Signifi- Df SS MS F cance F Regression 5 79.
14) Cui va avvicinata immediatamete la definizione plotiniana, accolta da San Tommaso, secondo la quale "Justitia Dei est observatio legis aeternae in suis operibus .
The family accommodation among family members is described observatio nally for each family member, as well as through symptom rating instruments administered to family members (including the Y-BOCS, the CY-BOCS, and the Family Accommodation Scale).
Though the Mathematics Learning Forums were a revolutionary effort to develop teacher capacity to engage students in learning, the claim that reflective outcomes occurred is made only by way of post-project observatio n.