observation post

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If we needed a reminder it came from the loudspeakers on the South Korean side that were loudly playing K-pop favorites outside Observation Post 717 to drown out the propaganda broadcasts from the North.
However, Turkey appeared to exploit the terms of the deal to establish its first observation posts along the border between Idlib province and the Afrin region--a largely Kurdish region controlled by Kurdish militias such as the People's Protection Units (YPG).
And even stopping to explore the observation post, the team managed more than 33km (20 miles) in a single day.
A local manufacturing company, Cleveland Cascades have offered to supply a replacement observation post at no cost to the ratepayers or local authority that will meet modern requirements.
It is made up of twin gun emplacements, searchlight platforms, an observation post, rangefinder tower and an engine house.
In her new role, Melland will handle the overall management of the company, which publishes the twice-weekly Hi-Desert Star, weekly papers the Hi-Desert Trail and Observation Post, and the Hi-Desert Shopper.
The military said ''miscreants,'' a reference to pro-Taliban militants in the area, fired their weapons at the Ladha Fort, located about 360 kilometers southeast of Islamabad in South Waziristan Agency, and attacked an observation post at around 1 a.
UNITED Nations secretary general Kofi Annan today accused Israel of deliberately targeting a UN observation post in a bomb attack that killed four unarmed military observers.
When equipped with a rooftop air conditioning unit and a platform-mounted generator, it will create an immediate security-officer checkpoint or observation post.
Once there, his men had built a bunker and established an observation post overlooking a vital bridge into Croat territory.
It includes gun emplacements, searchlight shelters, an observation post, a rangefinder tower, a magazine and an engine house.
An Israeli tank also fired at a Hezbollah observation post near the village of Rmeish, far from the combat near the Mediterranean coastline, they said.

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