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Goldberg's attacks on Obsession are insulting," Shore continued.
Casey's initial interest, she writes, turned into an obsession with the sharks and the barren islands known as "the Devil's teeth.
4 -- 5 -- color) This Ecua-Bess orchid, left, is planted in the Huntington's Tropical Forest Rotunda and may be viewed by visitors to the exhibition ``A Natural Obsession,'' which also features a variety of hand-illustrated books, including ``The Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala,'' above.
And in fact, Delvoye's work seems to be a conscious continuation of that tradition rather than a clinical case of scatological obsession.
If you book a series of five of these treatments Obsession will offer your sixth one free.
The National Magazine Awards, one for design and one for general excellence, suggest his competitors admire his willingness to celebrate his own obsessions in a field largely driven by market research.
An obsession with the future BASED on a true story, Tucker: The Man And His Dream documents the attempts of Preston Tucker to build a futuristic car in '40s America.
When I was in the Philippines last year researching a forthcoming updated edition of Philippine Dance: Mainstreams and Crosscurrents, sponsored by the newly created National Commission of Culture and the Arts Dance, I was struck by the passion, obsession, and desire of dancers and dance companies about the centennial celebration.
We also noticed that Billy had this huge obsession with licking things.
CAIR, an organization that refuses to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah, cannot refute the accuracy of Obsession so it has decided to attack The Clarion Fund in hopes of discrediting the film," said Raphael Shore, the producer of Obsession and the founder of The Clarion Fund.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,'' Kicking & Screaming,' 'Me and You and Everyone We Know,' 'Happily Ever After,' 'Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession,' 'Unleashed'