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Franz dipped all the glasses in hot water, obsessively cleaning each one.
I believe that the council is obsessively secretive and I made the point at the cabinet meeting that the people of Birmingham should know what is being done with their money.
This perennial concern with the dangers of imaginative fiction obsessively thematized in the Old World became increasingly worrisome in the New with regard to authenticity and authority.
In fact, Bell conspicuously bypasses the widely read and obsessively discussed Montesquieu and selects as his mid-century textual turning point a forgettable book on the character of nations written in 1743 by Espiard de la Borde, a second-rate writer who, ironically enough, would later go on to imitate Montesquieu (p.
And just like those gray hairs that my dad obsessively plucks away from the top of his head--the more we try to get rid of it the worse it seems to come back.
As an alternative to chemical-intensive cosmetics, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize with a blend of organic herbs, extracts and other gentle ingredients found in Kiss My Face's new Obsessively Organic skincare line.
And while Almodovar isn't obsessively concerned about how his work plays in the United States, he is worried about the nation's impact on him.
Any parent who has bought his or her offspring the video version of a Disney animated feature is doomed to hear the same musical numbers over and over as the kid plays the tape obsessively and repetitively.
The Telegraph quoted Communist Party officials as saying that "President Jiang Zemin has obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center.
Some groups enter into elaborate dances with their enemies in which they continually and obsessively transmit pain in ever higher doses to one another.
Part I circles obsessively around the absent black father, but while Part II offers many complementary versions of the speaker's white mother, the volume doesn't really work so neatly.

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