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Under Sir Albert Bore and the cabinet system the City Council has become obsessively secretive.
As an alternative to chemical-intensive cosmetics, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize with a blend of organic herbs, extracts and other gentle ingredients found in Kiss My Face's new Obsessively Organic skincare line.
As the Telegraph reports: "Communist party officials say President Jiang Zemin has obsessively watched and rewatched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre.
Some groups enter into elaborate dances with their enemies in which they continually and obsessively transmit pain in ever higher doses to one another.
Part I circles obsessively around the absent black father, but while Part II offers many complementary versions of the speaker's white mother, the volume doesn't really work so neatly.
Their gazes meet exactly midpoint in the canvas, fixed upon the central, obsessively painted button of the toreador's shirt collar.
By the end of Set Me Free, Hanna is obsessively documenting the rural Quebec landscape as well as her relationship with her mother.
By definition, innovations are foreign and will be resisted by all but early adopters who are obsessively seeking new ideas.
But the High Court in Kilmarnock heard victim Irene Watret, 43, claim her husband was obsessively jealous.
From beginning to end, the same theme rotates incessantly, almost obsessively, in this unauthorised biography, with author Graham Lord hinting we may have been duped by the most entertaining literary camouflage since Marion Evans pretended to be George Eliot.
Not that I had been obsessively making mashed potato dioramas of it or anything, but I was quite cheered by the discovery of the presence of a sister solar system--at last, something other than us.